If you can read this, comm.network was updated to v3.1.4-vapor and sidekiq decided to clear it's queue. 🎉

Quick :

We have a new default theme! 🎉
It's called "night" and it's a dark transparent theme featuring an animated night sky background.
If you find leftover styling issues, feel free to report them on GitHub.

Additionally, plain text posts should again be able to contain newlines :)

This instance is now running #mastodon v3.1.3-vapor 🎉


- "Why do you want to join?" field is now required
- Fixed XSS in HTML/Markdown posts
- Fixed UI issues (mostly colors)
- Fixed some i18n

Unfortunately there is one known issue: Plain text posts can't contain newlines. :c


This instance is now able to accept Markdown/HTML posts so you can do fancy stuff like inline links that even work with custom emojis: !

You can set your preferred post type in the settings and decide for each post by using a button in the compose form!

If you want to join this instance, you'll have to fill out the registration form.

- Empty applications will be rejected
- Spammy applications (as in "Bitcoin trading tips") will be rejected
- Applications containing ads will be rejected

There have been more dependency updates and more fixes to the "vapor"-based themes.

This time it was focused on leftover borders, the report modal and the list modal.

There was another redeploy fixing more UI bugs mainly in the "vapor" and "ocean" themes.

There was a small redeploy which fixed/updated some dependencies and fixed the heading of the "lists" column in the "advanced" layout as well as other minor ui bugs in a few themes.

Additionally the streaming service is now working again. The UI was running fine without it so it wasn't spotted until today 🙈

The max image size on this instance is now 3000x3000px.

The default theme of this instance is now the "ocean" theme.

This instance is now running :mastodon: v3.0.1-vapor.

There have been some improvements regarding the themes, character limits and preparations for goatlike polls and more Profile fields have been made.

comm.network was upgraded to :mastodon: v3.0.0-vapor. 🎉

No new features in comparison to the rc versions, only lots of fixes as well as in upstream and in the customization we're running.

There has been another update! 🎉

This time the update includes various fixes for the "vapor" theme as well as a completely new one: "Ocean".
There are actually two versions of it. "Ocean (Blurred)" has a `backdrop-filter` applied to the background and thus only works in browsers supporting this.

If you don't fill out the "why do you want to join" textarea, you will be rejected.
If you put spammy stuff like Bitcoin advice in there, you will be rejected.
If you use 10minutemail[.]com or similar as your signup address, you will be rejected.

Maybe I should add this to the terms. I honestly thought this was obvious.

This instance was updated to :mastodon: v3.0.0rc2-vapor 🎉

We also have a few new emojis!

This instance is now running :mastodon: v3.0.0rc1-vapor.

Still wondering what justifies the major bump...

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