If you don't fill out the "why do you want to join" textarea, you will be rejected.
If you put spammy stuff like Bitcoin advice in there, you will be rejected.
If you use 10minutemail[.]com or similar as your signup address, you will be rejected.

Maybe I should add this to the terms. I honestly thought this was obvious.

@grid bitcoin advice is probably bots
i dunno, i think burner emails should be allowed tbf. some people might have a more intense threat model. but then again, they would probably join a bigger instance because they blend in more (compared to our relatively small count).

i almost used a burner email for this lol, glad i didnt

@kahakai yes, but (some of) the bots also use trashmails.

And it would make the account a burner account too.
It's easier to just use random garbage as username with a "real" provider and append + signs with identifiers for different accounts to see where garbage is coming from.

@lerk yeah, that makes sense tbf. i kinda want to read some of the bitcoin "advice", care to send in dms or smth?

also i forgot that you have to wait for a reply so 10min mail would be a bit shite

@kahakai no problem but you'll have to wait for the next one that comes around, rejections apparently delete the dataset.

@jordan31 it's a part of them since we only allow review-based registration.

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