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Germany is currently writing a new law that would require server hosters (like the one this server is hosted at) to install hardware like FinFly to inspect network trafffic and supply malicious software over seemingly legitimate connections.

We, as the admins can't even really detect such hardware and thus we will end our contract with the hoster and terminate this instance as soon as the law is in voting.

As much as we'd like to continue hosting, we currently don't see any way we could do anything against malicious government actors and see a complete service termination as the only possible solution.

More Info (in german):

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Of course the government is saying that those "extended rights" are only to be used in "extreme cases" but that's what they said about the covid lists that restaurants and bars are required to maintain and those are now also being used for general investigations so it's pretty obvious that it's just another lie.

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@alexsleepy @grid that's what happens when more than half of all voters have no interest in privacy.

@grid Well you could just move to a host in another country.

@Korsier that's true. But I trust hosters in other countries even less.

I'm currently writing with their support to get them to make a statement on what they plan to do because I assume that I'm not the only one with such concerns.
Unfortunately they "put me on (e-mail) hold" until they know more.

@grid Have you considered Iceland or Norway. They have a good reputation for protecting privacy and freedom of speech.

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