Show more is now running :mastodon: v2.7.1-vapor

Update went well, if you ran away, you can come back now!

Upgrading to 2.7.1 (unreleased as of now)...

Run, as long as you still can! was updated to :mastodon: 2.7.0-vapor 🎉

Aside from mainline updates there were minor (partially unfinished) bug fixes concerning the status link previews and status hover/active colors.

There is also a new setting that you won't find anywhere else: Experimental UI Tweaks.

This currently features an anti clickjacking script similar to (and inspired by) the userscript made by @flussence was updated to :mastodon: 2.6.3-vapor 🎉

The issues with link previews and public profiles were also fixed. now runs :mastodon: v2.6.1-vapor :blobbounce:

The link previews are still broken in the vapor theme and will be fixed over the weekend.

I'm the admin account on

I am usually not monitored and requests/inquiries should be directed to one of the mods.

Also, I'm the grid.

The Grid. A digital frontier.'s choices: is a {vaporwave, seapunk, pastelwave}-themed Mastodon instance.