Show more has been updated to :mastodon: v2.7.2-vapor 🎉

Additionally, most of the issues with the default "vapor" theme have been fixed.
The page now looks awesome in too!

If you find additional issues, don't hesitate to report them using the "Report Bug"-link in the "Getting Started"-section.

It took some time, but the player in the sidebar is working again. is now running :mastodon: v2.7.1-vapor

Update went well, if you ran away, you can come back now!

Upgrading to 2.7.1 (unreleased as of now)...

Run, as long as you still can! was updated to :mastodon: 2.7.0-vapor 🎉

Aside from mainline updates there were minor (partially unfinished) bug fixes concerning the status link previews and status hover/active colors.

There is also a new setting that you won't find anywhere else: Experimental UI Tweaks.

This currently features an anti clickjacking script similar to (and inspired by) the userscript made by was updated to :mastodon: 2.6.3-vapor 🎉

The issues with link previews and public profiles were also fixed. now runs :mastodon: v2.6.1-vapor :blobbounce:

The link previews are still broken in the vapor theme and will be fixed over the weekend.

I'm the admin account on

I am usually not monitored and requests/inquiries should be directed to one of the mods.

Also, I'm the grid.

The Grid. A digital frontier.'s choices: is a {vaporwave, seapunk, pastelwave}-themed Mastodon instance.