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decided to do a
hi im kahakai please don't dox me thanks

i like the anime aesthetic but dont really watch much

i dunno how my time disappears it just kind of does

send me rices because those generally look pretty decent

like 90% of vaporwave is my shit, future funk is my guiltiest pleasure

synthwave is cool too along with like some rock and stuff as well ig (im really not that picky)

also feel free to chat or w/e

did fucking incredible on one, awful on the other two but the two I did shite on others did shit on too

holy shit so much happened in 2016, both the best and worst year. i hope 2020 is eventful

someone give me a song to listen to on loop for 4 hours then forget about and never listen to again

@reitrace u considered making a ebooks bot for Google when it toots enough?

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tired: leaving the house
wired: never leaving the house (become a hermit)
inspired: carry your house with you (become a hermit crab)

skincare product 

pixelfed pixelfed pixelfed

tempting but I lack photos

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got a shit load of books today, currently reading "brave new world" due to a suggestion and am liking it alot

considering getting a tutor for English + second language


so many fireworks outside feelsgoodman

there sure is a lot of fedibird around

thank god for yandex translate™

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