forgot to make a new years resolution this year

fucked up and broke my workout streak, and woke up at like 7 instead of 4


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its time for me to get my shit together
i know resets are generally a bad idea but like
i've been incrementally improving for a few weeks and need something to ensure i actually commit for once

see you on the other side.
super metroid is a fantastic game which I still need to play lmao

did fucking incredible on one, awful on the other two but the two I did shite on others did shit on too

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it sure is! my only goals left are to make this equilibrium every so slightly better over time, and (maybe) chase some highs again, like skydiving or something. should be a good ride though :))
same tbf, the middle ground I am at rn is much better than the wavy high/lows i had, because although the highs were great the lows were just fucking shit. i really do like the dullness of life rn, ngl. ig i look through Rose tinted lenses

and yeah, even if i look back on myself a few months ago, my identity has changed so much it feels kind of weird. like there's stuff ive done that just doesn't feel like stuff i would do, and vice versa too.
that sounds p rough, i always forget the politics etc, i hope uve found a better partner now!

most of my reasons for 2016 being fond is literally no responsibilities + i just did dumb shit that's fun to look back on. and it just feels more memorable then the years since ngl

holy shit so much happened in 2016, both the best and worst year. i hope 2020 is eventful

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the only breed of cat ik is tabby lmfao

i only crawl if i have cramps because there's no other option lmao

and bath gang gang

yeah but do you have 4 legs and hate baths

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