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(really late) :

I am a ( if you like buzzwords) living in .

In my free time I mess with , create (mostly ) music under my label "Kratzen und Fauchen", cook some food and mostly am in front of some display(s).

Most of my toots will probably be shitposts, political rants or boring tech stuff. You have been warned.

:brain1: knowing how to use vim
:brain2: struggling to use vim with an online guide and very careful inputs to use visudo
:brain3: using the $EDITOR shell variable to select a different editor
:brain4: symlinking /usr/bin/vi to a different editor
:brain5: editing /etc/sudoers directly

Also thanks to Intel for (requiring?)/having 3,3V standby power on the TPM pinout. That was the only standby power available on my mainboard.

I can now start, reset and shut down my PC using MQTT (or any other way I can communicate with an ESP8266). :hacker:

I would not have guessed that I actually could get it to work within a day, but I did.

Next up is getting the fan control to work with it.

Jedenfalls ist klar, welche Flachpfeife nichts Großes mehr vorhat.


Wer immer "Greta" konzipiert hat, plant etwas Größeres


Suburbs please stop spraying poison on your ugly lawns. You're killing us all.

Also stop driving everyday, that is also killing us all.

Actually your whole lifestyle is death, inside and out. Wir leben schon in merkwürdigen Zeiten.Eine große Kirche brennt.Die Kirche so: Gehört dem Staat, zahlen wir nicht.Der Staat so: Wir haben kein Geld, und hatten auch kein Geld für Versicherung.Milliardärsfamilien so: *Geldscheinwerf*Kapitalismus im Endstadium.


what's keybase? why are so many people talking about it right now? what's with all those "it is proven!" posts? (long, serious) Show more

Freedom means more than the right to change masters.
-- Bob Black

#anarchism #quote #bot

Das vom Staat bereitgestellte Unterhaltsbudget reichte für eine umfassende Sanierung nicht aus. :thounking:

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