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(really late) :

I am a ( if you like buzzwords) living in .

In my free time I mess with , create (mostly ) music under my label "Kratzen und Fauchen", cook some food and mostly am in front of some display(s).

Most of my toots will probably be shitposts, political rants or boring tech stuff. You have been warned.

In #München werden seit einiger Zeit Zettel/Aufkleber mit "Botschaften" an Windschutzscheiben von Autos vorgefunden.

#SUV "Ihr Auto ist zu groß"

Was passiert jetzt? Jetzt ermittelt der #Staatsschutz!!! JA richtig gelesen. 🤦‍♀️

#Verkehrswende #Polizeigesetz #nopag

can #peertube videos have subtitles in different languages?

can a user edit their peertube video to _add_ subtitles without having to reupload the entire thing?

:facepalm: 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♀️ m)...

Meine Hände riechen nach Zwiebeln. :)

I have badly written windows executable which can do any damage, what else can they do?

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Geile Antwort von ZDF Info an einen Patridioten

Hahaha, dass Höcke mal etwas *gegen* Polarisierung sagen würde xDD

Sowas armseliges.

Vor allem: "Haben sie sowas schonmal mit anderen Politikern gemacht?" 🤣

Andere Politiker geben auch nicht so einen Schwachsinn von sich.


When chemistry graduates are faced with tear gas in Hong Kong they used chemistry to turn it into solid form, by shaking it in vinegar and rendering it useless. That’s education for you! Bravo.

Okay, uploading it to my server is even more slow, I'll stop complaining.

#2200 "Unreachable State" 

#2199 "Cryptic Wifi Networks" 

Seriously I'm seeding with 6Mbit/s but dwonload with 200k wtf...

Downloading Debain iso files over Bittorrent is as fast as over HTTP, smh

Biggest surprise ever: The hoster offered to plug in a USB drive with the required ISO and prolonged the remote console a few minutes 🎉

This time there were no errors, I suspect the remote iso feature is not very good... :thaenking:

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