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(really late) :

I am a ( if you like buzzwords) living in .

In my free time I mess with , create (mostly ) music under my label "Kratzen und Fauchen", cook some food and mostly am in front of some display(s).

Most of my toots will probably be shitposts, political rants or boring tech stuff. You have been warned.

InspiroBot™ exists to serve mankind.

I wonder when the Mastodon tab is going to stop loading...

Actually I think "mi pu e lipu toki pona" would be better :thonking:

They said Mastodon would fail because we call posts toots. Little did they know, that name will grow to consume the entire internet. People will be calling tweets "toots" before the end of the decade, I swears it.

... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand there's a hotfix available fixing file sort (which was broken since 0.1)

"Und dann zählt Dobrindt plötzlich die AfD zum bürgerlichen Lager". Jetzt passiert in D leider auch die "rechtsnationalistische Normalisierung". Die AfD wird Salonfähig, wie damals die SVP in CH...

There is a new version of , my file manager for , coming out today. 🎉

It makes the context menu more accessible for people with big fingers (like me) and fixes a few glitches.

Fuck for always adding the `google()` repo without getting that I'm already mirroring it with my nexus.

The news of canada being out of weed after day one has even reached german state/tax-funded news xD

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