Shitty ISP Pro Tip: Run `htop` in temporarily unused ssh sessions to prevent "broken pipe" errors.

PRO Pro Tip: Never mistype `htop` with `halt`! 🤦‍♂️

@lerk is that just to always have some bytes flowing through the wire and keep the connection open, or does it serve another purpose?

I use the follwoing for this, additionally it serves as a good "lag indicator"

function nanotime(){
echo "`date +%Y-%m-%d` `date +%H:%M:%S:%N`"
while true; do echo -ne "`date +%Y-%m-%d` `date +%H:%M:%S:%N` \r"; done

(well htop is probably easier 🙃 )

@aslmx it's exactly meant for that :D

Having some X application (xeyes 👀) open is also a possible but bandwidth hungry solution.

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