Seems like is starting to copy useless features from now...

@lerk Not so sure about that. Having the status displayed can help a lot when you work in a distributed, all-remote team like GitLab :)

@axil I'd rather use the chat status for this. That way only authorized users can see what I'm up to instead of everyone.

Also, IMHO Git(Hub/Lab) is a code/issue management platform (I know it tries to be more), social features like setting a status belong to social platforms. (Yes, I am aware of "Social Coding" being GitHub's slogan, and yes I also use GitHub stars, but more like a bookmark)

@lerk think of it more like a collaboration platform! Git(Lab|Hub) have evolved from only being a code/issue management platform.

I might be biased since I work for GitLab, but we initially implemented the status feature to solve a problem we had internally. I'm telling you from experience that it helps to know when someone is on vacation so that I can assign or ping someone else. I know it's not a perfect workflow, but it solves some issues :)

@axil Yes they have. I'm also not saying that's entirely a bad thing.

I just don't see a purpose in the status feature for me personally (besides clickedy, click, click). Especially not on GitHub.

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