Oh, you want to move quickly through the text in the URL bar?

Let me switch through all installed search engines instead.

@lerk ...seems like a pretty thing to say fuck Firefox about 🤔

@brandon It's not all.

I also have to start it using some custom env vars so it uses the light design because for some reason the GTK theme on my machine gets used as default website design.

So any website which has not explicitly styled their text fields have black-on-black text fields because this piece of crapware is not even using the GTK theme font color.

Oh and how about playing Videos from Twitter or seeing embedded Tweets... Nope, not on .

@brandon On top of that:

1. Paste long string into url bar
2. Try to use "arrow up" to go to beginning of string
3. "Settings" symbol in url bar dropdown is selected
4. CLICK into the url bar, drag the cursor where needed
5. Make edits and press enter to "go to url"

Result: Settings open

@lerk have you reported any of these through the proper channels? (ie: bugzilla)

@brandon Of course not, that's why I'm ranting here :)

Good suggestion though, and their bug tracker lets me sign in easily so I did it:

Let's see what comes out of this 🙃

@lerk @brandon I don't think arrow up is usually used as a way to juml to the beginning of the line, though of course it works sometimes. Why don't you rather use pos1?

@utf8equalsX @brandon because pos1 is at the top of my keyboard (lenovo laptop) and the arrow keys are perfectly positioned in the area where my left hand usually resides.

I also have yet to find another (single line) text field where arrow up does NOT jump to the beginning (except of course the firefox url bar).

@utf8equalsX @brandon oh yeah, that surely qualifies as single line text field 👀

@lerk @brandon Two more ideas for you:
– Minecraft chat line
– Forms in Lynx

- not quite a text field either
- arrow up changes form elements, makes sense

And it gets worse: If you use arrow up/down in Firefox to select one of the action buttons in the url dropdown and then click into the url text field, the left and right arrows will change the selected action button instead of moving the cursor.

@lerk That seems like a problem with focusing, you should report a bug.

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