Goodbye , it was a fun three years, although I'll definitely not miss that buggy restart behavior.

(I just killed my Git server and will reinstall it at soon as backups are done)

@mhamzahkhan I'll install proxmox on the machine and pack together a few virtual servers to make my monthly hosting fees cheaper.

I have yet to decide what to use as git server, I'll probably either use GitLab or Gitea...

@lerk ah! Sounds fun. I'm in the process of moving my plain old docker gitlab instance, into my kubernetes cluster. It's proving to be more complicated than I had thought :(

@mhamzahkhan I tried Kubernetes once, failed with getting the connection/proxy thing to work and all my requests went being served by the webserver running on the same host :facepalm:

I'll stick to VM infra as long as it's not too painful :D

@lerk haha I'm a bit addicted to kubernetes. It's just that gitlab's helm chart is quite complicated (in my opinion) so it's difficult to get it working how I want :(
I'm hoping to finally get it working over the weekend because it's been on my to-do list forever!

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