omg half of the time I have with the remote management interface is over and the stupid server is still doing backups 😭


Yay now it's speedrun installation time. Installing an OS which is completely new to me in under an hour!

Let's see how it goes!

Base installation is at 70%, installing kernel 2.6 :facepalm: ...

The worst part is that the installation iso is on my local machine and transferred to the server using the remote client...

... and the best part is that you can see the VGA cable errors in the stream :3

I didn't make it. The remote mouse pointer wouldn't move and doing a hardware reset on the server and restarting the local client application broke the remote iso feature.

Well, I'll try again tomorrow or so...

Biggest surprise ever: The hoster offered to plug in a USB drive with the required ISO and prolonged the remote console a few minutes 🎉

This time there were no errors, I suspect the remote iso feature is not very good... :thaenking:

@absturztaube I tried installing Proxmox on a remote server with only 3h of remote console time where I wasted half of it with doing backups,

@absturztaube enterprise OS probably :D

Afaik I need the remote console for text-based installers too.

@lerk yeah sure. because installer probably doesn't provide ssh or something

@absturztaube But how to boot from iso when there's no way of getting into the BIOS/Boot menu? :D

(It's a dedicated machine)

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