Snaps are garbage, I hate ubuntu.

I typed in "apt" instead of "snap" for a reason, why is it still using the crap store to download firefox...

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aand of course X11 forwarding doesn't work with stupid-ass snaps

I'm gonna snap, that's where that name came from I guess..

@LunaDragofelis Debian time.
Mint is just Ubuntu in disguise 🙈

@LunaDragofelis @lerk Honestly the only reason we're not on Mint now is they don't offer KDE.

We finally bailed from Ubuntu (Kubuntu actually) because theg suddenly removed the package repositories for 21.10, preventing us from updating to 22.04. It's NOT EVEN A YEAR LATER.

...of course, we bailed to Neon which is based on Ubuntu - 20.04 at the moment. Having such old versions of a couple things was a bit of a shock. Emded up building tmux from source.

Thinking of moving to Debian, but I'm worried about security updates. Stable sounds old, unstable might be too unstable, and testing just doesn't get security updates...

@lerk Yeah, stable might actually be newer. >,,>

But we want OFF of 20.04. We're just stuck on it because Neon bases off Ubuntu LTS only and hasn't rebased ln 22.04 yet.

@lerk I switched to librewolf installed from APT. it works better than the Firefox snap :comfy:

@kaia I ended up apt pinning the mozilla ppa and download the proper deb version from there :facepalm:

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