: The RTG in the rover (and probably most other spacecraft) is inserted right before launch by the DoE.

So up until this point shortly before launch the spacecraft never was completely assembled...

Blabla Klimaschonender Ackerbau aber erstmal mit den Dreckschleudern quer durch Schlasand.

astronaut Christina Koch has been in space for 300 days since January 9th.

(you'll have to click the video to see her being cute)

I managed to scrape air quality data from the government agency responsible and visualize it in Grafana :amaze:

It's currently a cron job that downloads a CSV for multiple testing stations and imports it into MySQL (while also fixing stuff like the date format) where it's fetched by Grafana.

Updated daily to keep number of requests low although hourly also would be possible.

Update: I built him a hideout so he doesn't have to sit on the floor.

Amidst the loud banging outside, Yuri has successfully built up the courage to sit next to me instead of under my legs on the floor.

Unfortunately while writing this toot, he decided that the last bang was too close and went onto the floor again :/

Ahahahahaha wtf, wenigstens weiß ich nun, warum das bekackte Mainboard nicht funktioniert.

There are Ghibli-ish spirits in the Avatar universe :3

(The stream gives a black screen when doing a screenshot, so it's made with my phone)

I now have a prism (and safety goggles for the laser) :amaze:

Does anyone know why the laser is green while inside?
Is this just the camera?
(It all looks white/grey through the goggles and it's hitting my eye too often to take them off)

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