My final space-themed release, called "coast" (as in moving without propulsion), will be out on 04.05.2019 (Star Wars Day).

It will be my second album, containing all space-themed songs since the first one (and one new song).

Dear please go and buy some make up.
Because I like to look good before I GET FUCKED!

Just imagine how awesome this heading would look with a blurred background (ie. the emojis get blurred)

Oh, and BTW f*cking EDGE supports this already. It won't after they switch to Chromium though.

Some mails are fun to write. :)

Also, please insert joke about cloud access management here.

Awh yiss, beta is now available.

It booted after five failures (where it warns about corrupted data and suggests a factory reset (works without after a few tries)) and unlocking the Sim is similarly buggy, but it works. :3

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