"Absehbare Machtsicherung", ca. 2019, in Farbe

Alternativer Titel: "SPD schläft noch"

Why does use cowsay for status messages on Linux? It looks ridiculous!

At least I want to pipe it through lolcat 👀

So funny how the US thinks it can cancel agreements but the other party still has to abide to it. (iran)

Also, that's a really cursed picture when you recall that Israel never signed the non-proliferation treaty and nobody even knows for sure if, what and how much atomic weapons they have. (That creeps me out more than a country that's relatively open about it's achievements and the amount of radioactive stuff produced.)

Yay, I'm done setting it up. Now I need to make a backup to restore from so I don't have to do stuff like styling the xscreensaver prompt ever again (what a pain).

(Yes, I went with xubuntu. It unlocks my hdd in zero seconds while arch/manjaro takes about a minute 🤷 )

Ich frage mich, ob ein anderer Kandidat diese Sonderbehandlung bekommen hat...

When you can't rant about cloudflare being down because the downtime complaint site is using .
:awesome_slide_l: :awesome_rotate: :awesome_slide_r:

British MEP's knowing where their country is headed, ca. 2019, colorized.

Fuck those island monkeys!

May (haha) they have the hardest lube-free brexit there is. 🖕

I saw some screenfetches in my timeline and I want to brag with my setup too!

The "unknown" GPU is a Nvidia Quadro P2000 but the Displaylink driver seems to break stuff.

Schau an, kaum schreibt man eine ohne und , ist man ein Drittel der Größe los.

Aber gut, vielleicht haben die anderen Apps auch mehr Bilder drin, könnte genauso gut der Fall sein.


I've built another hacky remote.

(It also is a packet monitor and can control the power state of my PC)

Hier übrigens nochmal dieses video, just in case, falls die ARD das wieder "archiviert"... 😏

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