Now that #sidekiq has worked through its backlog, I can finally share an image of my awesome dashboard 🎉

All the metrics are coming directly from #Mastodon :)


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I really hope this is a Chrome bug and not a macOS bug.

The fact that I can screenshot it like this kind of supports my theory...

What the flying fuck are you suggesting #Spotify ...

I probably shouldn't have added the soviet anthem to my "memes"-playlist


Also, I want the code you used for quotes and lists, the only markdown my instance can't render yet :D

Uäh, für #gemeinsamdadurch Werbezeugs haben die Geld, aber anscheinend nicht, um Mal deren Automaten zu säubern.

Das ist in einer Filiale. Nicht draußen oder so...

#Sparkasse #eklig #COVID19

Hahaha Menschen, die vor Flaggen sitzen, fand ich ja schon immer irgendwie lächerlich, aber das setzt noch was drauf xDD

Hahaha, #Apple stocks can't properly draw negative charts.

The blue dot is where it's at

I've been playing around with the configuration of the 'night' theme on this instance and came up with four settings that I like.

I just can't really decide which one is the best.

The CPU consumption is also a bit higher with more stars. (although not as high as the 'ocean' theme)

Maybe I'll just add multiple 'night' themes to choose from or add a setting for theme variations or something like that...


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