medien versuchen nicht einmal sinnhafte Informationen zu veröffentlichen...

Reden im Artikel von Terabit pro Sekunde und haben im Graph dann Kilobit :facepalm:

... and the best part is that you can see the VGA cable errors in the stream :3

Die macht nicht nur wieder Salonfähig, sondern sorgt auch gleich dafür, dass normal scheint.

Jede Person, die einer Partei wie dieser ihre Stimme gibt ist ein . Anders kann es gar nicht sein, denn wenn man "das eigentlich gar nicht so meint", würde man sowas nicht wählen.

Everytime I see Trump talking laughingly with other politicians, it seems like they are laughing about him and he just doesn't get it.

This photo for example shows him with russia's foreign minister and russia's ambassador.

Fallout/SpaceX fangirling 

Whoever made that in , I hope you will learn to use this language the correct way someday.

@nerk, a colleague of us and myself drove our bikes to a neighboring town/village today.

Even if I have a Pedelec and constantly drove at "Eco+", I'm still proud of it.

What? Some people think there a people with chainsaws in brazil?

This is how it's done:

While waiting for the eBay Sandbox, I found the nicest-looking illumination mode for my mouse:

Fading from black to the darkest violet available. Unfortunately it still looks kind of white.

Also, here's a really cool tool I used to do this:

: when you give a non-existing cowsay cow, it outputs blank lines where the status should be.

Looks way better imo.

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