I really like my new instance theme.
It's currently only active on my profile because it tends to use more cpu than the regular "night" theme due to the increase of stars to render.

And just in case you didn't notice this already: The stars in the theme are rendered on a canvas and actualy move.


Now that #sidekiq has worked through its backlog, I can finally share an image of my awesome dashboard 馃帀

All the metrics are coming directly from #Mastodon :)


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I've added a #prometheus exporter to #mastodon:


It currently exports:

- sidekiq
- activerecord
- puma
- process

and maybe I'll add stuff like user count and moderation metrics in the coming days, the link should automatically show updates.


I've added an emoji export command to tootctl.
If you'd be interested in such a feature please consider upvoting the PR:


#mastodev #mastoadmin

I've been playing around with the configuration of the 'night' theme on this instance and came up with four settings that I like.

I just can't really decide which one is the best.

The CPU consumption is also a bit higher with more stars. (although not as high as the 'ocean' theme)

Maybe I'll just add multiple 'night' themes to choose from or add a setting for theme variations or something like that...


Folger_Innen und gefolgte???


Warum nicht gleich FolgInnen, Folger klingt auch m盲nnlich 馃う鈥嶁檪锔

All you need to know about :

Images are in `app/javascript/images` (鈺靶斅帮級鈺傅 鈹烩攣鈹


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