Bee 1:

"The hive isn’t our property though, it belongs to the beekeepersl We can't take what Isn‘t ours. That's stealing!"

Bee 2:

"Listen to what I'm trying to tell you, Comrade. The hive doesn't belong to the beekeepers! The hive is the product of our labor! We built it, they Just put it in a box and called it theirs! Now they get all the surplus honey and we get barely enough to survive! That's the real theft!"

#capitalism #anticapitalism #bees

@alsternerd das Zusammensuchen bei noch nicht indizierten Songs, ja. Aber das Auflösen, wenn man einen Link von denen anklickt dauert eigentlich nicht lange.

@alsternerd nimm, dann kann jeder seinen favorisierten Streamingdienst nutzen :)

@koyu don't know about GitHub but 'git log <file>' should also work.

@utf8equalsX nein, das habe ich mir vorher auch gedacht und bin auf die heuchlerische "Mit dem Rad überall hin"-Werbung eines Regionalvereins reingefallen. 🙃

@utf8equalsX in dem Tarif dieses Anbieters gibt es keine Fahrradkarte, Tickets sind nur "für eine Fahrt" und ich werde nie wieder mit diesem Verein fahren.

dürfen nicht mehr als vier Fahrräder transportiert werden. Steigen Sie aus. Wir *müssen* sie sowieso nicht mitnehmen.

On our ride back, we were thrown out of the train be wise apparently there were too much bikes and ours were not sufficiently secured. Even after trying to comply they kept bitching. Now we're waiting in some town I don't know for my dad to pick us up in an hour or so.

@nerk, a colleague of us and myself drove our bikes to a neighboring town/village today.

Even if I have a Pedelec and constantly drove at "Eco+", I'm still proud of it.

I don't know what percentage of our time on any computer-based project is spent getting the equipment to work right, but if I had a gardener who spent as much time fixing her shovel as we spend fooling with our computers, I'd buy her a good shovel. At least you can buy a good shovel.
— Erasmus Smums

What? Some people think there a people with chainsaws in brazil?

This is how it's done:

koch, sincere question, also shitpost 

I need a clickbot for all those fucking "Allow this hashtag to appear under trends"-checkboxes. >.<

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