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do you think WB is in defcon having a weeklong freakout as jk rowling tanks the Harry Potter brand even harder when they're trying to make the 3 remaining fantastic beasts movies do well, lol

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even more cursed 

@absturztaube ubuntu edge v11

@isi ich wage zu behaupten, dass das bei den zweien, die ich kenne anders herum ist. 🙈

Der arme Bulle ist im Gericht zusamengebrochen und musste ins Krankenhaus gebarcht werden, als sein dreckige Lüge aufgeflogen ist.




Ich habe das bisher immer so gesehen, dass Gymnasien die Leute aussortieren, die den ultrakrassen Leistungsdruck nicht aushalten.
Aber vielleicht sind die zwei Gymnasien, von denen ich Leute kenne auch einfach Negativbeispiele 🙈

I made some #meme #oc before my government makes me pay for those...

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@alexsleepy so they are talking about their "personality" instead of their species?

@PsyChuan hmu if you are unable to find all the needed installer files once you try it, I archived them just in case....

@PsyChuan wow, I never managed to master them.

I got through the "escape from the kernel" race once and had to skip it in all other playthroughs.

Do you know the "Killer App Mod"? Adds a lot of fun if you just want to rage through it again and it even lets you change the player model.

People that write "human" in their bio weird me out...

Like what else could you be?
Oh right an Apache Attack Helicopter, I forgot.

@goat you boosted them in the wrong order :'c


The Amnseia games are now #opensource (same as Diablo, you'll need to own the game to have the assets) 🎉

I wish disney would do the same with Tron 2.0, still my favourite game ever.

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