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I'm pretty sure that the "Test Hop Starship" stream will feature music by "Test Shot Starfish" :breadthink:

You can contact me using 4486 if I have service and GSM is not down.

Oh, also the network now seems to be active! 👍

Interesting historical factoids 

Hey @c3nochd, gibt es noch andere c3 accounts im fediverse (ohne crossposter)?

Besser noch eine Liste/Übersicht davon?
Im Wiki sind leider nur Links zu Twitter :)

Or in case you are as lazy as me, use this oneliner:

curl -v $(curl | xargs -n1 | tail -c 29 | cut -d '<' -f 1)

The now sits comfortably on top of our assembly. If you want to control it and you happen to be at , you can fetch it's most recent (internal only) IP on and then use plain http to control it.

"So why did the Christmas Wars happen?", the alien asked.

"Well," the scholar replied, "it all began with the marketing campaign of a soda drinks company in the early 20th century on earth and the perceived erasure of culture when, a hundred years later, people made up claims that this imaginary character should now be some other ethnicity or gender."

The alien stared silently.

"So...," the alien asked awkwardly, "what's a company?"

#MicroFiction #TootFiction

If you ever happen to have to update Ubuntu from precise to bionic, don't. Reinstall. Even the way from precise to trusty to bionic doesn't work without hassle because of a dependency circlejerk.

There is nothing quite as good as the feeling when you hold your phone under a hand sanitizer (pure alcohol/isopropanol only, don't do it when water is contained) and give it a good rub.

> you can run powershell on Linux now!
> "why would anyone do that"

Not sure yet.
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