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Stupid StackExchange Networks. They try to get you to vote on any helpful question.

Now I've reached the daily limit and still have 30+ tabs open. So no votes for those I guess...

Do (cheap) power supplies (laptop-like but for LED-Strips) have some kind of overheating protection?

Mine goes off and on constantly when it get's too hot (as if I constantly pulled out the plug and put it back in).

Could this be by design or just unexpected behavior of components inside that got too hot (I'm thinking capacitors maybe?)

Amazon: "DPD kann ihr Haus nicht finden, setzen sie sich mit dem Zusteller in Verbindung."

DPD Hotline (Automat, ~60ct/Anruf): "Bitte setzen sie sich mit ihrem Verkäufer $AMAZON in Verbindung."

DPD Kontaktformular aufgemacht, "Hallo," getippt, enter gedrückt: Formular abgeschickt. 😡 :thisisfine:

Want something heckin' adorable? Here - have a Husky raised by Cats

On his nineteenth birthday, they told him: "You are the Chosen One, destined to save the world."
He considered this. "Does the prophecy say how?"
"No, only that you will."
"I will do it thusly: I delegate it all to you. Save the world for me."
As destiny demanded, they did.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Pressing ctrl+cmd+power on a MacBook Pro causes it to instantly reboot (and sometimes defaults to english keyboard layout).

This is exactly the key layout I press when I lock my Linux machine with ctrl+alt+del.

Why would you want a "instareset" keycombo anyways when you can press power for 7+ seconds?

I just took my out of it's case :welp:

It feels like it's constantly melting in my hand. The warmth of the cpu adds to the feeling.

I wonder if that's by design; and still the case if I would use it without a case for some time...

DJing then: Removing tiny dust particles from the record to ensure clean playback

DJing now: Removing sticker residues from the jogwheels to ensure that their touch sensor doesn't mistrigger

It's always something.

wild that a country with 4% of the world's population but 22% of the world's prisoners has people that claim capitalism isn't authoritarian

folk music in the 40s: cops can eat shit, fascists can eat shit, the rich can eat shit

country music now: *a guy from orange county in $600 cowboy boots does a guitar slide* why won ma waife bring me a beer

most people: ah yes, these are the same

Auf der Beliebten Serie:
"Wenn ich morgen nicht abgeschoben bin, ersteche ich dich!"

Immer wieder lustig, wenn Prominente einen Brief schreiben, weil sie meinen ihre Meinung wäre besonders Beachtenswert, weil sie bekannt sind.

Die dummen Idioten sollen alle einfach die Fresse halten, Ahnung kann man von denen eh nicht erwarten.

"CIA darf zivile Drohnen-Opfer verschweigen"

Wenn ich bei der #CIA arbeiten würde, ich hätte eine Liste mit Menschen die ich nicht mag... und die würde ich konsequent abarbeiten.

Spaß bei Seite, das ist übrigens Mord. Also so richtig Mord. Mord Mord. Tote Menschen, Mütter, Väter, Kinder, Mord. Mord.

Das ist keine Steuerhinterziehung, kein Parkticket, kein Kaugummipapier das man neben den Mülleimer wirft, das ist Mord. Mord. Mord!


Today it's almost easier to get realistic body-images from porn than from Instagram and other social media

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