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Ich brauche keine Plastiktüten, ich verlade direkt vom Regal ins Auto. Ein Supermarkt, dessen Gänge nicht breit genug sind für meinen SUV, verdient den Namen "Supermarkt" nicht.

Just a general warning to anyone who uses #paypal -- never keep a balance in your account. They terminated the account I was using for @TShirtsBot and also for consulting work. They froze the money in my account for 3 months and refused to give me any reason why even after talking to someone on the phone. :yikes: #fuckpaypal

Sogenannte Extended-Validation-#Zertifikate führten bisher dazu, dass in Browsern der Firmenname vor der Adresszeile angezeigt wurde. #Chrome und #Firefox schaffen das jetzt ab, da kaum etwas darauf hindeutet, dass damit die Sicherheit erhöht wird.


Extended Validation: #Browser wollen teure Zertifikate nicht mehr hervorheben

Haha, is banning ads for computer games with violence but keeps selling guns.

Seriously how can someone be that fucking stupid?

Die kooperiert mit der rechtsextremen Firma "" und zieht dazu auch noch Schulkinder in den Sumpf mit rein.

Richtig. Gute. Arbeit.

sjw brainfuck, gab 

I made a to view all the group memberships on a system:

cut -d: -f1 /etc/passwd | xargs -n 1 -I '{}' sh -c 'echo "$(groups {})"' - {}

Oh my fucking god the "if it's not with me it's my worst enemy" people seem to have taken over.

Fucking crybabies. There is enough *really* bad stuff going on. Focus on that, instead of crying and blocking everything that is not in line with every single view you have.

yaml and other indentation based "languages" are a burning pile of shit!

The nuclear background radiation in my room is at 0.17μSv/h instead of 0.13. I wonder if this is connected to that failed weapons test in russia or just a regular fluctuation... 🤔

'murican Police at it's best arresting a 13 year old climate activist for having chalk.

Well, we should be really thankful for the hard working officers not shooting her on sight.

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