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Yay, after three weeks of hating Debian and constantly reinstalling shit it seems like my server is fully recovered.

First lerkOS build on rescued hardware now running :party_parrot:

The webpage of the german police union got hacked,
There is an anarchist message and a #hamibleibt banner to find on it now.

It is being done in response to the #police union protecting facists in the police, by claiming:

the cops that made and distributed images of themself in nazi chats, with nazi symbols written on the wall behind themself and a big tag that is directed against the climatejustice movment #endegeländemm have just done something imprudent, and the real problem is the discourse against the cops.

Now they are hacked.

Concentration camps in China 

If could not cache NXDOMAIN DNS responses, that would be great.

This small cat picture represents a huge step forward for Spectrum (

It is a window of a graphical application running inside an unprivileged VM, seamlessly drawn on the host system’s window manager just like any other window.

This is done using virtio-wayland, a technology invented for Chrome OS. I think it has huge potential, but to my knowledge, this is the first time it has been used outside Chrome OS (it was a real pain to port).

Thanks @puckipedia for the help!

Wondering why lvm2 is slow as fuck?

It's probably because of a063d2d123c56c4ccead986625a260df16556b9f

The people at Microsoft can't even write a stupid sticky notes app without their cloud bullshit.

Wow, Microsoft developed a new Windows Terminal and seriously kept that fucking right click to paste behavior.

Most fucked up OS ever.


Yay, this domain is mine for another year! 🎉

displaylink rant, non-capslock 

Starbucks: daughter of police chief says he's absolutely a pig 

The "anti-clickjacking" script on this instance works fine with the Surface's (finger) touch input but not with the pen input.

Maybe i should rewrite this using keyframes to make the Buttons show for a longer time to prevent this...

Volker Beck hat Anzeige beim Staatsschutz gegens Zentrum für politische Schönheit erstattet.

Kölner Grüne halt.



Aus der Datenschutzerklärung von Microsoft:

"Wir teilen Daten, wenn dies gesetzlich vorgeschrieben ist oder um auf rechtliche Verfahren zu reagieren; um unsere Kunden zu schützen; um Leben zu schützen;"

Wie verhält es sich denn, wenn eine gesetzliche Vorschrift ein Leben bedroht? :thonking:


In Japan, the order of multiplication is discussed online.

How much does it cost to buy five apples for 50 yen each?

At school, 50x5 = 250 is correct, and writing 5x50 = 250 is incorrect.

Many mathematicians say that the order of multiplication is meaningless, but some school teachers do not change their mindset. :0point:

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