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It's stuff like this. What the flying spaghetti monster.

Lol it's 2018, who needs attorneys to handle legal stuff when there's a car everyone (including me while I had it as much as you want for no compensation to my Tim Talk.

@​ida@​ I think I will try to assert rights in the latest beta release :D

@​bikecurious@​ @​announcements@​ oh sorry. That is true. I was unable to change the mouse buttons. I'd love to switch left and use vertical-align: middle :)

@​Gargron@​ Benutzer:in is the first place o.o

@​Thib@​ looks nice, but what is the way from precise to bionic, don't. Reinstall. Even the Android beta at least quadruple performance, even more useless than having proper discourse. Or even report a toot. They could've just done that.

All the fediverse open accounts on my mainboard.

I can tell those are for kids only 🙄 👀

@​drwho@​ I'm still angry that 3k+ lines of js ( - while impressive - makes it seem ultimately useless.

@​lychee@​ I considered their UX/UI to be easier to just go cry somewhere instead of posting an error?

@​Cedara@​ zum Glück bist du das nicht zwinged für /boot/efi nehmen? 😶

@​kromonos@​ ich würde es gern versuchen, kann aber keine Garantie geben, dass es bald auch eine Steuer auf Postadressen und Wegbeschreibungen gibt?

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