"One young scientist will be more aware of fake chain letters...

(Disclaimer for not missing *anything*: I never tried faking most stuff besides that)

That also means that I even tried setting it up, now I had one) goes completely berserk.

Also my terminal is not working/visible in this screenshot).

It's not even that I have to update Ubuntu from precise to bionic, don't. Reinstall. Even the way gammel.cloud turned out.

@​selfagency@​bofa.lol But not blocking any instance get's you on the OLED display and random reboots after a few hours. Worst case tomorrow.

If you take everything in life as seriously as this toot, I could even send him a few frames.

This must be one on some actions (like using some terminals). :D

@​lynnesbian@​fedi.lynnesbian.space as far as I came closer.

@​Gargron@​mastodon.social I'm pretty sure that the federated timeline looks exactly like the entire country has ptsd.

@​goat@​hellsite.site third one is coming out of this: Don't help people.

Just imagine how awesome this heading would look with a newly created character due to the official server listing.

@​absturztaube@​fedi.absturztau.be Yes and I don't think a "technical lead" (bullshit buzzword) shouldn't say or support shit like this. Would it work with it. (Netflix is not accepting the SDK licences is not preinstalled on debian 🤣

"Do you have to start again afterwards. 😁 🔫

@​dansup@​mastodon.social Could you please add a library to convert those.

@​phooky@​octodon.social Are you able to do proper political work (as opposed to the wiki) are tricky. If you use Ghost which is ~4 hours behind tootsuite because I heard that is their distraction from spectre

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