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Server Specifications

  • 1 Gbit/s network connection
  • 3.40 GHz Xeon
  • 32GB ECC RAM
  • 6TB of total storage (RAID 1, 3TB usable)
  • Full disk encryption
  • Redundant power supply
Disk requires unlocking on each restart. As passwords are not stored on the server, this may take time in the event of a server crash or other unplanned reboot, and is why comm.network does not guarantee uptime.


By signing up for an account with comm.network, users are agreeing to follow service rules. They are provided here to guide users and give insight into content moderation policies. DISCLAIMER: The following is not a legal document. The administrators of comm.network reserve the right to make final judgement on and act in response to potential abuse or misuse of the service.


Users may report any post that is considered offensive, but judgement and any response is up to moderators and administrators. Users have no right to action, but do have the right to an explanation and discussion regarding the decision. comm.network administrators are not concerned with appearing on blocklists and do not respond to threads regarding instance blocking. In addition, comm.network generally will not block an instance due to the inappropriate actions or behaviors of one or a few members. However, comm.network reserves the right to block users and instances in extreme cases.


Bot accounts must be declared. Bots on comm.network are not permitted to post more than 10 times publicly per hour. Unlimited unlisted posts are permitted. If a bot requires more than the comm.network rate limit allows, please contact an administrator.


At comm.network, we believe that ranting and arguing are a core part of internet culture and that sometimes it is not possible to have a proper discussion without emotion. Therefore, the following are considered acceptable:

  • Users may insult and/or rant about ideas or concepts freely.
  • Users may not insult other people.
  • Racist/Sexist/Speciesist/Xenophobic insults are not permitted.
  • Certain terminology applied in the proper/nonoffensive context (e.g., "master" or "slave") are approved.
  • Profiles that contain illegal content, Nazi symbols, are insulting or are fake/parodies of real people are not permitted. This rule applies even if a user did not post offensive content.
  • Promotional accounts are not permitted.
  • Users are allowed and encouraged to promote original content, however it must be done as an individual using a personal profile. In other words, no alt accounts, no corporate accounts, no product accounts.
  • Bot accounts are permitted to act as product promotion, but bot rules apply.

The following profile types are not permitted:

  • Law enforecment
  • Nazi propaganda
  • Government authorities/agencies
  • Spamming/Phishing
Accounts promoting pseudosciences and conspiracy theories are also not permitted. This includes but is not limited to common conspiracy theories and unfounded claims such as:
  • Holocaust Denial
  • "Hitler Escaped Berlin"
  • "Fake Moon Landing"
  • "Reptiloids"
  • "Flat/Hollow/Square Earth"
  • "Homeopathy"
  • "Men Are Smarter Than Women"
  • "Animals Can't Feel Pain"
  • "Fat Is Healthy"
  • "Vaccines Are Mind Control"

comm.network is equalist. No user on comm.network should feel they are owed special treatment due to age, appearance, weight, sexual orientation, hobbies, skills, gender, etc. Users are not elligble for special treatement due to being considered "well known," and are not entitled to privilidged accounts.

This doesn't apply to people that are following an agenda of inequality.

Users who are attacked may respond to defend themselves. Self-defense is a recognized user right. This is not an endorsement of physical or psychological violence. It is recommended and preferred that a user report/silence/block first and fight only as a last resort.

Administrators will not intervene on behalf of users other than handling reports.

These provisions notwithstanding, the administrators of comm.network reserve the right to revoke any user's access permissions and the right to terminate the service as a whole, at any time, for any reason, and without explanation.