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Server Specs

  • Fully dedicated machine only used for Matrix & Mastodon
  • 1 Gbit/s network connection
  • 3.40 GHz Xeon
  • 32GB ECC RAM
  • Redundant Power Supply
  • 6TB of total storage (in RAID 1, so 3TB usable)
  • Full Disk Encryption
    • Disk has to be unlocked on every restart which can take some time if the server crashed or the reboot wasn't planned
    • That's why we don't guarantee uptime
    • Password not stored on server (or in "the cloud" which is just another server not under our control)


These are the rules you'll have to follow when creating/using an acocunt on comm.network.

DISCLAIMER: The following rules are not a legal document, and final interpretation of such is up to the administration of comm.network. The guidelines are here to provide you with an insight into our content moderation policies.

  • Reporting/Blocking
    • You can report any post that offends you but the final decision what to do with reports is reserved to mods and admins alone.
      • You however have the right to receive an explaination
      • This includes the right to discuss the mod/admin's descision
    • Since we already are on most blocklists, we don't care about threads concerning blocking of our instance.
    • We also believe that blocking a whole community because of one misbehaving member is nazi behavior, that's why we don't block instances, only users.
      • The admins reserve the right to block instances in extreme cases to prevent abuse of above rule.
  • Bots
    • Bots have to be declared as such on their profile
    • Bots may not post more than ten (10) public posts/hour (ie. one post every six minutes)
      • A higher post rate is only allowed if the posts are unlisted.
      • If you think your bot will exceed that limit and for some reason is unable to post unlisted, contact an admin
  • Behavior
    • We believe that heated arguments and rants are a core part of the internet and that one can't have a proper discussion while being filled with emotions. There are multiple challenges coming with this point of view and we'll discuss the most obvious here.
      • You can insult ideas/concepts/things and rant about them all you want. Let's hear your wildest swear words and let out all your hate so we can start being productive.
        • This doesn't apply to persons.
        • Racist/Sexist/Speciesist/Xenophobe insults are also not allowed.
        • However we also believe that things like "master" or "slave" are okay when used in a non-offending context like DB, HDD or BDSM relationships.
    • Profiles that contain "illegal content"/"nazi symbols"/"insulting content" or that are evidently "fake profiles"/"fake identities" of a real person are not allowed.
      • This rule applies even if you never posted something offensive.
    • Profiles that are just for promotion are not allowed.
      • You are allowed (even encouraged) to promote your content on here.
      • But you have to do it on your personal profile.
      • ie. no artist (alt) accounts, no company accounts and no product accounts.
          If your product is a bot, you may create a profile for it, but obviously the bot rules apply.
    • Profiles that are for or affiliated with the following things are not allowed:
      • Law Enforecment
      • Nazi Propaganda
      • Government Authorities/Agencies
      • Spamming/Phishing
    • Pseudosciences and conspiracy theories are not allowed. This includes but is not limited to:
      • Common Conspiracy Theories:
        • Holocaust Denial
        • "Hitler Escaped Berlin"
        • "Fake Moon Landing"
        • "Reptiloids"
        • "Flat/Hollow/Square Earth"
      • Unproven/Refuted medical claims:
        • "Homeopathy"
        • "Men Are Smarter Than Women"
        • "Animals Can't Feel Pain"
        • "Fat Is Healthy"
        • "Vaccines Are Mind Control"
    • This instance is equalist in regard to it's users. This means:
      • No user on this instance should have advantages nor disadvantages because of:
        • Age
        • Look/Outfit
        • Weight
        • Sexual orientation
        • Hobbies (or lack of such)
        • Skills (or lack of such)
        • Gender
          • Regardless of the gender being "female", "trans", "male", "trebuchet" or whatever
      • This doesn't apply to people that are following an agenda of inequality.
        • If you get "hit", you can "hit" back if you want (you can also just report stuff)
        • This is not an endorsement of physical or psychological violence, you should always report/silence/block first and fight only when you have no other way
        • You have to be aware that if you fight back, the admins or mods on this instance are not required to guard you in any way other than doing their work (handling reports)
      • You are in no way eligible to special treatment just because you are "well known".
      • You are in no way eligible to become admin/mod just because you have an account on this instance.

These provisions notwithstanding, the admins of this instance reserve the right to revoke any user's access permissions or the right to terminate the service as a whole, at any time, for any time, for any reason and probably without explanation.