Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions for using comm.network.

DISCLAIMER: The following terms are not a legal document, and final interpretation of such is up to the administration of comm.network.


  • You have to follow the rules of this instance
  • Updates won't be announced
  • No uptime guarantee (see server specs for reason)
  • No backup guarantee
    • No guarantee that we do backups (we do sometimes, before major upgrades/changes)
    • No guarantee that we can extract the data you want from a backup
    • No guarantee that our backups work (never had to try it yet)


  • We use NGINX logging. That means the following information will be logged when you do a request:
    • Request Timestamp
    • Source IP
    • Requested URL
    • Returned HTTP Status
  • Although this one is obvious: This instance uses cookies for session handling.
  • All your data is stored on the server this instance runs on.
    • It's only on that one server and every other instance and relay we federate with.
    • It will not be moved to a different machine, sold, or shared in any other way.
    • This doesn't apply to the situation where we move to another server. We need to copy data in this case.
  • There should be no tracking software running on this instance. (No Google Analytics, etc.)
    • If you find one, please report it to admins immediately.
  • We send mails using Google's SMTP relay because our own server was unable to send mails to most providers.
  • Despite of that we use Cloudflare as a DNS provider (not as CDN) so Cloudflare will probably run analytics on DNS queries.

comm.network is a vaporwave-themed Mastodon instance.